Sunday, October 29, 2006

.hack//G.U.-"Initial" Reaction

Initial reaction usually implies when one first picks up something, tries it for awhile, then writes down what they think based on that. Well, I've done a tad more than that for .hack...about 12 hours more.

So, here's my reaction so far of .hack//G.U. Volume 1//REBIRTH

When I finished up .hack//QUARANTINE, Bandai had promised me and many others that .hack had ended. What they didn't tell us was that their "Project GU" was actually the sequel to the .hack series. As soon as I found this out by watching the first .hack//G.U. trailer, I was very excited to say the least.

Mainly because the main character had a freakin' giant chainsaw sword.

Obviously, back then, I was left with many questions. Who was this black-armored vigilante? What's up with this other dude's left arm? Why does Kite look like he's running Windows 95 through his character data? Well, it took about a year and a half of waiting, but I'm getting my answers.

The black-armored warrior is indeed the main character, Haseo, a.k.a. The Terror of Death. This name is very familiar to those who played the first four games, as it was the title of Skeith, the first Phase of Morganna. This is for a reason, as Haseo receives what is known as an Avatar, his being Skeith himself, allowing him to actually become Skeith. But that's after playing for awhile.

For the beginning of the game(Which spans a long time), you are a Twin Blade, much like the previous installments. This is because you were Data Drained in the opening cutscene from level 133 to 1 (UBER SUXXORZ!!111!!!) However, you later regain the ability to become another class, the Edge Punisher job, which is a lot like the Heavy Blade job. You can then procede to change weapons on the fly to fit any situation, which breaks the monotany presented by the other .hack games.

Speaking of which, the game accomplishes this in other ways. Instead of the cut/paste formula (Field, Dungeon, Boss/Gott Statue), the action stages of G.U. vary. They are either a Field where you find 3 Symbol fragments to get to the Judge Statue, a cave dungeon, or a Castle dungeon, with many dangers inside.

Everything is done very well. The graphics are amazing, the battle system is much more actiony and fun, and everything is more exciting in general.

Full Review soon....

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

.hack//G.U.- Coming soon!

Well, the game shipped yesterday and will be hitting stores this afternoon. Of course, I'll be jetting there right after school to pick it up, and then play the hell out of it.

Initial reaction will be written tomorrow or the day after.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Support Net Neutrality!!!

Small post today. Basically, I added a link to my sidebar that you all should visit if you want the internet to remain the way it is-an independent community where anyone can do what they want, NOT JUST what the Internet Providers want. Net Neutrality keeps this the way it is. Without it, the providers choose what websites we can go to and what blogs we can view, based on how much money the websites give them.


Act now and visit Save the Internet, and do whatever you can to help out. This is our internet-let's not stand by as it becomes another part of greedy corporate America.

  • Save the Internet: Click here
  • Friday, October 20, 2006

    Rhythm Tengoku

    My first review is actually a game that is only in Japan at the moment. I saw it played on Gamespot's On the Spot and decided to check it out for myself, so I figured I'd share my reactions in my first real review.

    Rhythm Tengoku is a game that was released in Japan last August for the Game Boy Advance. It was created by the same people who made Warioware, which shows. The two are very similiar in a couple of ways. RT is all mini-games, like Warioware. However, they are all Rhythm-based, as the title would suggest. Every mini-game is set to either a beat or music, and you usually have to hit the A button to the beat. This doesn't sound very fun at first, but most of the games are so wacky and unusual that you can't help but enjoy yourself. In one game, you're pulling hairs off of onions and radishes, while in another you are in a band of wig-wearing monkeys, where your only instrument is clapping.
    As the game is music-based, the soundtrack is a great feature. The tracks are very good, especially for the GBA. There's even some decent voice audio in a few of the mini-games. I've found myself either tapping my foot or nodding my head to the catchy tunes that the games present. You may just play some of the games again and again if only to hear the music.
    Rhythm Tengoku is structured in Stages. Each stage has 5 mini-games to it, and after you complete each game in a stage, a remix is opened. Remixes are all of the mini-games combined and set to new music, sort of like a music video. It also presents more of a challenge as you are constantly switching between different games. However, the music presented in the remixes is usually completely awesome and worth the challenge.
    Graphics-wise, if you've played Warioware then you know what to expect. Nothing completely fancy, but it has a unique look that gives it a certain appeal. The zaniness is more than enough to keep you coming for more, but the fact that you can just pick it up and play for short bursts gives it most of its appeal. The mini-games only take about 2 or 3 minutes each, giving each session a very diverse experience as you can play a lot of different games in a short amount of time.
    Overall, the game is worth the import, if you like the microgame type of gameplay that was introduced with Warioware. If you're looking for a deep, complex game rich with storyline and character development...then you really won't want to play this game. For the rest of you who just want to have some quick fun, you're in luck.

    Thursday, October 12, 2006

    The Serge Review Happy Time Fun Show!!!

    Yeah, not really. But I'll be posting my personal videogame reviews here, of games both new and old. I haven't exactly decided yet what my kick-off review will be, but I assure you, it'll be damn good =P

    I will guarantee, however, that in a few weeks, I will review .hack//G.U. Vol. 1//REBIRTH for you all, as I'm getting it the day it comes out, and planned on having it finished somewhat soon after.

    Although, we'll see how that goes.